Yes, A show at CBGB

It was 40 years ago that a tiny country bar in a seedy part of Manhattan compromised its principles, started booking rock acts and altered the course of music history. What is less known is the gallery that was next to it, 313 CBGB’s. This was a space, a bit rancid, but it has white walls.

I showed there with my best friend, Shaza in the 1900’s. I had paintings, she had yarn wall hanging. The colors  of our work was the only unifying force. The show was called, Punk Rock Knitting in Geometry class because Shaza had a Punk rock knittingness about her. I had a large abstract painting series called, Teenagers falling in love in Geometry class with Tangents.

There were two things that were memorable of the art opening. One, Shaza and I had to walk my five foot paintings from my apartment to the gallery, which was past a line of heroin junkies who were parked outside near the gallery for a meth clinic. The other was that my brother, Joe Klementovich, New York Times photographer, showed up from New Hampshire, as a surprise (8 hour drive).

The Surprise  was the openness of allowing us to show at the gallery. We had an absolutely crazy abstract concept full of color. CBGB is a place that has been forever implanted for innovation and support for new ideas. It will always be remember as this.