How to Pick Art for your Room

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How to choose Art for Interior Decorating a Room

Are you afraid to buy art and make a mistake?

First, most online galleries and private sales will allow you to send back your work and only pay for shipping cost or no costs at all. Look into the return policy. Many times there is no risk to hang art on your wall because you can mail it back.

1. Do you want the Art to dictate the room?

Some home owners like to use the art as the centerpiece of the room. If that is the case, you can pick a main color to use as the one of the wall colors or accents for the room. You can also use two harmonious other colors in the art to also use as accents for the room.

2. Are you using one main piece of art or a few smaller pieces of art in the one room?

You can have the “Main show”, piece of art as a main interest or three to five smaller pieces. Or you can hang smaller pieces together in a grouping, so that the pack of art feels like one piece of art.

3. Keep one element the same

If you hang a group of framed art make sure something has a common thread. For example, all the frames are the same color, all the frames have matts, all the pictures are of one theme, or all the art is in bright colors or muted colors.

Also hang the work in a group of paintings with a equal amount of space between each painting –usually one to two inches apart. You’ll have to hang the work and step away to see if it looks good the space around the art looks good.

3. Echo

Is there an echo or pattern in the art work that you can also find in a print of a pillow or fabric pattern? By reiterating a central theme shape or color from the art- into other parts in the room, you can bring the level of design into a fantastic new level.

For art to look cohesive in your room, it should echo, or repeat something element.. This can often be a color, but it can also be a shape or a pattern. Having three to five elements the same color in one room is a good rule of thumb. This is kind of a universal law of design by using three or five as the amount an element repeats itself in the room give a room, a flow.

4. Art-Where to find it

Local galleries are a great way to support your artists in town (sometimes if you live close by the gallery will let you hang the work at your house before you buy it). On-line galleries are easy too. Pinterest has a large group of artists as well show casing their work. You can simply plug in a subject in Pinterest that you would like to see art of, or a color that you like, or a style of art. Impressionists, Fauvism, Pop art, Graphic, Landscapes of Mountains are a just a few ideas you can use to research art.

Check out my interior page for ideas on my website

My boards on Pinterest

Winner of Art in the park

Every year we get together as local artist to do Art in the Park. It is a time where we can see what we have been painting and reconnect with friends, collectors and local people. This art fair has really begun to take off and have higher end artists show their work.

This year I started a new series called Pastoral Landscapes which has a softer palette. The painting that won first prize in Art in the Park, came from this series. It is called Mount Washington and Misty Fields. I was going for the mist that rises from the contrast in weather that happens briefly. I was honored to have won first in show.

TV Interview about Pop up shows

It was great talking about how my Pop Up show at Settler’s Green is a way to bring Modern art to the area. Pop up shows started in NYC in 2007 when there was not enough space for artist to show that was cheap. Watch the interview to learn more.

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Pop up Show at Settlers Green, NH

This Pop up show is a collection of paintings called,

When Warhol died he told me this… series   This series of work around the line quality of lovers intermingled hands. What I am trying to express in these hands is how close they are. I am using the negative space to bring some sort of tension, or apprehension. Utilizing the tiny spaces between the faces.

When the painting project took place, a huge snowstorm had me trapped at home and fidgety. The process for these works was whether to let the line show or not,where the two faces meet. Not showing the line helped express time and space in a more subtle way. It is kind of like painting in and out of the subject matter. Before I painted, I spent two hours practicing drawing the faces and hands, so that when I painted the lines of the faces and hands it was done in a a singular stroke. As simple as these lines look, they take a lot of prep work. Simplicity is sometimes the hardest to achieve.

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Solo show at Harvard Square

CAMBRIDGE, MASS-Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre will be showing, local artist, Rebecca Klementovich, on Saturday, 27th 2019. Rebecca will be showing eight Abstract paintings in the Sanctuary Theatre in Harvard Square.

The work will be shown during the performance of Boston-based company Subject:Matter under the direction of choreographer Ian Berg, joining forces with tap dance legends and Boston natives Dianne Walker and Derick Grant for a not-to-be-missed tap dance experience.

Jose Mateo, is curating ten dance events at the Ballet Theatre, featuring companies involved in the Dance for World Community Festival over the last ten years. Having put his ballet performance company’s repertory concerts on hold after 32 years, he maintains the Ballet School and has moved programs of diverse dance forms into the Sanctuary Theatre this spring.


“Connecting art to the wide range of performances at the Theatre this spring has been a wonderful process, drawing visual culture from Japanese Kimonos to the history of album covers. Each show is unique. I have always wanted to the right opportunity to curate an exhibition of Rebecca’s work. Her sensitive abstract pieces have not yet had the recognition they deserve, this Cambridge exhibition is a step in the right direction.”


Presidential Volunteer Service Award

On May 31st 2019  -ROCHESTER NH at the RPAC Art Gallery, located at 32 North Main Street.

Rebecca Klementovich, a local artist received the President's Volunteer Service Award, signed by Trump. She is one of  the curators at the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts. She has given many hours of service to help strengthen the arts in New Hampshire. Her community service for the betterment of others and part of what keeps America a stronger future.

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Crystal and Painting Installation


In 2018 I did my first painting installation, called Alpenglow with Crystals and Ice installation with another female artist from Maine, Aurora Winkler. The installation is made of canning jars, colored water, crystals paintings and other New England antiques. My latest’s large paintings are of Kezar Lake in Maine. These paintings are explorations of evolving a more high keyed color palette to represent New England. By using the Alpenglow of the mountains I have developed this warm and cool color combinations influenced by the famous colorist, Hans Hoffman. Art 21 has been such a big support for me in expanding my ideas about painting.

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Question Authority Installation in North Conway



On November 3rd, 2018, Rebecca Klementovich, co-founder of Femme Fatales of the North, will be showing a large painting installation at the Conway Library. This particularly large piece expands how we think about painting. "I have roughly twelve paintings attached together to build a three dimensional painting/sculpture. There is nothing currently like this modern 12 piece painting in the state of New Hampshire," Klementovich says.


There were two influences for this art show. One was in PS1 (an annex of the Modern Museum of Art in NYC) and the other, was by modern painter, Robert Rauschenberg. 


"It was 2004 and I took my daughter, Violet Webster, to see a Rauschenberg show at the Museum of Modern Art." There was an exhibit in the show with painted plastic chicken carcasses nailed to a canvas. Violet was impressed. Because of the way the chicken carcasses were painted, they were hard to spot. No one noticed them until Violet pointed them out (she was four years old at the time).  I, myself, saw the sky was the limit when it came to what might constitute a ‘painting.'


My brother, Joe Klementovich (a New York Times photographer) and I were forever changed after we went later to a PS1 show. PS1 is in Queens. It is the best museum to see high quality installations (installations are three dimension art designed to transform the perception of a space.) The particular one that most affected us was a large pile of trash about seven feet high, assembled in a dark room. As you walked by, you could see the shadow of two lovers drinking champagne projected on a nearby wall. 


Both of these installations were examples of a break in the traditional rule of painting and sculpture. That is why this show at the Conway library is so important to me. It is a great honor to be able explain to people the nature of an installation. I understand how difficult it often is to get to a museum to see modern work; we live so far away from the chance to see such. 


The title of the installation is QUESTION AUTHORITY. The work is for anyone who questions the norms, the rules and the social habits from the past. I hope you come and see for yourself what a modern installation is, in our town.


The show is dedicated to my daughter, Violet Webster.