7 Degrees and Blizzard Conditions

On February 11th in Jackson, NH, two abstract painters displayed their work along the 56 wooded trails at the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. Rebecca Klementovich of Bartlett and Kristen Pobatschnig of Conway call themselves the “Femme Fatales of the North” and are working to bring more attention to female painters in northern New Hampshire.

The day of the show it was 7 degrees with blizzard conditions. The snow was falling down hard. The women had to pull their large canvases on sleds across the trails at the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. It was estimated that 3,000 people would be at the foundation that day, a similar number of viewers as the MOMA. All of the paintings were hung creatively on trees. The paintings are highly colorful. The thick layers of varnish kept the canvases safe from the heavy amounts of snow.