Pop up Show at Settlers Green, NH

This Pop up show is a collection of paintings called,

When Warhol died he told me this… series   This series of work around the line quality of lovers intermingled hands. What I am trying to express in these hands is how close they are. I am using the negative space to bring some sort of tension, or apprehension. Utilizing the tiny spaces between the faces.

When the painting project took place, a huge snowstorm had me trapped at home and fidgety. The process for these works was whether to let the line show or not,where the two faces meet. Not showing the line helped express time and space in a more subtle way. It is kind of like painting in and out of the subject matter. Before I painted, I spent two hours practicing drawing the faces and hands, so that when I painted the lines of the faces and hands it was done in a a singular stroke. As simple as these lines look, they take a lot of prep work. Simplicity is sometimes the hardest to achieve.

pop show full.jpg