Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango and how dance affects Brush Strokes

A few years back, in midtown Manhattan, I was taking tango lessons from Musa. What I learned from dancing was- it is a lot like painting. When you push the floor with your feet, it is the same movement of the pushing of the brush against the canvas. They both use friction to make the movement.

Kline was painter. He understood movement. You can see by the energy in his work, he took huge chances with his brush strokes. His massive strokes of paint must have been done with a forty five dollar large brush that would later take an hour to clean.

Here in this tango video, Musa and I must have danced a good 400 hours to get to the quality of these dance steps. The small circles of movement by the toes, the tango wraps, the kicks and the WALK are all brush strokes in my world. Pushing, sweeping, gliding, and listening are the elements for not a good brush stroke but a fantastic brush stroke. The same for the dance step, you can take a halfhearted step or you can take a large, broad step. It is in the detail of quality of the movement.

To watch Tango as spoken in the blub find it from the above link.