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How to Pick Art for your Room

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How to choose Art for Interior Decorating a Room

Are you afraid to buy art and make a mistake?

First, most online galleries and private sales will allow you to send back your work and only pay for shipping cost or no costs at all. Look into the return policy. Many times there is no risk to hang art on your wall because you can mail it back.

1. Do you want the Art to dictate the room?

Some home owners like to use the art as the centerpiece of the room. If that is the case, you can pick a main color to use as the one of the wall colors or accents for the room. You can also use two harmonious other colors in the art to also use as accents for the room.

2. Are you using one main piece of art or a few smaller pieces of art in the one room?

You can have the “Main show”, piece of art as a main interest or three to five smaller pieces. Or you can hang smaller pieces together in a grouping, so that the pack of art feels like one piece of art.

3. Keep one element the same

If you hang a group of framed art make sure something has a common thread. For example, all the frames are the same color, all the frames have matts, all the pictures are of one theme, or all the art is in bright colors or muted colors.

Also hang the work in a group of paintings with a equal amount of space between each painting –usually one to two inches apart. You’ll have to hang the work and step away to see if it looks good the space around the art looks good.

3. Echo

Is there an echo or pattern in the art work that you can also find in a print of a pillow or fabric pattern? By reiterating a central theme shape or color from the art- into other parts in the room, you can bring the level of design into a fantastic new level.

For art to look cohesive in your room, it should echo, or repeat something element.. This can often be a color, but it can also be a shape or a pattern. Having three to five elements the same color in one room is a good rule of thumb. This is kind of a universal law of design by using three or five as the amount an element repeats itself in the room give a room, a flow.

4. Art-Where to find it

Local galleries are a great way to support your artists in town (sometimes if you live close by the gallery will let you hang the work at your house before you buy it). On-line galleries are easy too. Pinterest has a large group of artists as well show casing their work. You can simply plug in a subject in Pinterest that you would like to see art of, or a color that you like, or a style of art. Impressionists, Fauvism, Pop art, Graphic, Landscapes of Mountains are a just a few ideas you can use to research art.

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