Question Authority Installation in North Conway



On November 3rd, 2018, Rebecca Klementovich, co-founder of Femme Fatales of the North, will be showing a large painting installation at the Conway Library. This particularly large piece expands how we think about painting. "I have roughly twelve paintings attached together to build a three dimensional painting/sculpture. There is nothing currently like this modern 12 piece painting in the state of New Hampshire," Klementovich says.


There were two influences for this art show. One was in PS1 (an annex of the Modern Museum of Art in NYC) and the other, was by modern painter, Robert Rauschenberg. 


"It was 2004 and I took my daughter, Violet Webster, to see a Rauschenberg show at the Museum of Modern Art." There was an exhibit in the show with painted plastic chicken carcasses nailed to a canvas. Violet was impressed. Because of the way the chicken carcasses were painted, they were hard to spot. No one noticed them until Violet pointed them out (she was four years old at the time).  I, myself, saw the sky was the limit when it came to what might constitute a ‘painting.'


My brother, Joe Klementovich (a New York Times photographer) and I were forever changed after we went later to a PS1 show. PS1 is in Queens. It is the best museum to see high quality installations (installations are three dimension art designed to transform the perception of a space.) The particular one that most affected us was a large pile of trash about seven feet high, assembled in a dark room. As you walked by, you could see the shadow of two lovers drinking champagne projected on a nearby wall. 


Both of these installations were examples of a break in the traditional rule of painting and sculpture. That is why this show at the Conway library is so important to me. It is a great honor to be able explain to people the nature of an installation. I understand how difficult it often is to get to a museum to see modern work; we live so far away from the chance to see such. 


The title of the installation is QUESTION AUTHORITY. The work is for anyone who questions the norms, the rules and the social habits from the past. I hope you come and see for yourself what a modern installation is, in our town.


The show is dedicated to my daughter, Violet Webster.