Motherwell Shows up Rochester, NH

It was such an honor to be part of organizing #jeanniemotherwell at the #carniegehall in Rochester, NH. She has been a wonderful inspiration to us! Go Jeannie!!!.

The Rochester Museum of Fine Arts is delighted to announce an exhibition featuring works by Boston-based painter Jeannie Motherwell in the Carnegie Gallery at the Rochester Public Library from April 7th - June 2nd, 2018. Motherwell’s immense, abstract work draws inspiration from the sea and celestial bodies, bringing earth and space together.

For Motherwell, who has been working since the early 1970’s, painting is a physical process that brings her in directions she would have not thought possible. She paints large, right on the floor of her Somerville studio, on clay boards with lots of water and acrylic paint. She first pours and splashes the paint, then moves the board to make puddles and pushes the watery paint around. The paint glides on the clay boards and she then uses large brushes and rags to claim back white space and guide the paint into forms. Once they are dry, she fine tunes and looks for the moment when she knows they are done, when they describe the direction she wants to go in, and she sees something that totally surprises her.
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